Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmed
Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona Print
The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmedCultural expressions are essential to fight prejudices that too often imprison migrants - symbolically or in very concrete terms- within obnoxious spaces. Tired of misrepresentations and convinced that Migrants are too often seen through the glass of social conflict and criminality, Babelmed association has conceived, in July 2007, together with 8 European partners, the project “Meeting the Other, borders, identities and cultures in the European space” in the framework of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 promoted by the European Union.

The launch of the project, organised by the Paralleli Institute on the 27 and 28 of March 2008 in Turin had gathered all project’s partners and journalists. On this occasion, the Institute organised a round table on the crucial theme of “the representation of the Other in the Italian and European medias”.

On the 20th and 21st of October will take place the closing event of the project «Meeting the Other, borders, identities and cultures in the European space». The IeMed (European Institute of the Mediterranean) and Babelmed invite you to this multicultural event they’re organising in Barcelona. All the cultural actors active in the project will present and discuss the main results of the initiative.

Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmed

«Meeting the other... » covers several fields : research, journalistic contents and creation. Its main objective is to put emphasis on cultural and artistic expressions coming from migrations, offering Migrant creating the largest space possible.

Roundtable : Intercultural dialogue : desire of war or hope of peace?

The critical thinking journals, La Pensée de Midi , directed by Thierry Fabre and Lettera Internazionale directed by Federico Coen and Bianca Maria Bruno will present their respective issues –they conceived jointly- to deconstruct and analyse the current intercultural dialogue issues at stake, while Altay Manço will present the collective book coordinated by l’ IRFAM (l’Institut de Recherche, Formations et d’Actions sur les Migrations) in Lieges dealing with «Migrant communities antagonisms in Europe».

Theatre production : «Noi emigranti» (We, emigrants)
Roberta Quarta and Ivano Gorgoni from the Theatre company Astragali , will take part in the questioning on migrations starting from the multicultural theatre workshop that the Company has organised last august.

Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmed
In Lecce, at the theatre headquarters, 20 young European artists were invited to question the concept of migration in the framework of the theatre workshop organised by the Astragali theatre. Their theatrical work and brainstorming ended up in the theatre show «Noi emigranti» in the station of Zollino, once a railway centre of the migratory waves departing from Salento.

Cultural journalism: intercultural virtual festival is a virtual space, a festival thought of for artists who have an artistic and conceptual approach of immigration. They can express their voice within the festival and find a legitimate visibility. The website is a pure web 2.0 experience whereby the users of the site exchange and share their contents.

To listen to the last verses of German rapper Ammar114 or the soft voice of the Italo-Somalo-Ethiopian singer Saba, to follow the first paths to celebrity of French actress Hafsia Herzi or Asli Bayram, the Miss Germany who becomes a moving Ann Frank at the theatre…To discover the astonishing cinema productions of Nigerians who built in Turin another Nholywood, visit .

On the Festival, you can also discover the most interesting European experiences in the field of intercultural dialogue from the multilingual Catalan tv channel Barcelona Televisiò to the German Intercultural magazine Mikses…

Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmed

The journalists of the 4 European editorial teams in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, coordinated by the magazine , the IeMed, the Paralleli Institut and Babelmed feed the festival with original contents. They keep their blogs, announce the main cultural events linked to interculturality (meetings, festival, etc.) and regularly publish their articles and features on migrations. In Barcelona these young journalists will select and present the most striking and interesting topics of «migrant» creation in their own country.

Documentary cycle
In the late afternoon will take place two documentary cycles. The Centre Méditerranéen de la Création Audiovisuelle-CMCA will propose to the Catalan public the best documentaries dedicated to cultural diversity. These films were selected in the framework of the Rai-CMCA award competition.

«D’un mur l’autre» - Patrick Jean
This road movie takes us across Europe, from the former Berlin Wall to the new border fence around Ceuta in Morocco. At least four frontiers but one single axis: a racially mixed, multicultural society, rich in its diversity despite being traditionally rejected.

Patrick Jean takes us from the north to the south with humour and compassion to show us men and women who have migrated from the four corners of the earth and make up this new society – contributing to it with energy and generosity. After his very dark film “La raison du plus fort”, and contrary to all stereotypes, the director presents an optimistic, celebratory, sometimes sardonic look at Europe and its immigration.

«Bar centre des autocars» - Patrick Zachmann
This is the story of Hacène, Nadia, César, Chérif, Ali, Paul and the rest, between the ages of 17 and 37.

Twenty years in their lives, from the teenagers they were in the 1980’s to the adults they are today – the first generation born to immigrant parents in France. Their unique lives form part of our collective history.

« Borderlands » - Sawsan Darwaza
Identity in the process of change is the central theme of the film. When reality changes-the contemporary artist is often the first one to register the development. Often the artists sense the change even before it materializes and sometimes they have direct impact on the way we re-shape our reality. The film portrays short profiles of Arab artists during their participation in an Art Festival in Copenhagen (Images of the Middle East Festival, August 2006). The artworks and the artist behind it reflect the contemporary Middle East and its relation to the rest of the world. The director has boldly asked these artists to show her their identity cards and passports as if they are under pressure in one of the world’s airports. The outcome is a 27 min film where the personal intersects directly with the political and the artistic, featuring and following artists: Iman Samawi, dancer (Tunisian), Zia Azzazi, dancer (Turkish), Sara Gebran, choreographer (Lebanese), Reem Bana, singer (Palestinian), Fathi Salamech, composer (Egyptian), Ayda Nadeem, performer (Iraqi).

«Pic-nic» - Eloy Enciso
A sceptic from Galicia, a bantering man from Madrid, an obstinate man from Aragon, an argumentative man from Asturia, a charlatan from Argentina and a man from Navarre. For several years all have come together on the same beach with the same obsession: to be the first to claim possession of part of their sandy territory.

Each year these wandering knights, armed with parasols,
struggle against an inescapable aspect of reality: the passage of time. Through these characters Eloy Encisco offers us a portrait of conservative Spain today.

Artists, intellectuals and journalists are “Meeting the other…” in Barcelona | babelmed