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  Living in the Mediterranean traditional architecture | babelmed Traditional Mediterranean architecture is the kind of construction we find in the historic centres of towns and villages. A living, inhabited, essentially civil and domestic architecture, of pre-industrial construction and often produced by craftsmen and not by architecture professionals. The skill of these craftsmen is an asset traditionally handed down from generation to generation through its practice. Construction – with ancestral materials and techniques – has allowed, over time, the resolution of cultural situations and needs specific to a community or people. However, in no case does it represent a primary or elemental architecture, but rather responds to clearly evolved concepts and situations.

This type of architecture, which has become heritage because it has reached our times transmitting cultural, social and anthropological traits of a past, today forms part of our environment. Given that it is considered as heritage, both civil society and governments must be conscious of the need to conserve this type of architecture, adapting it to the demands and lifestyles of the 21st century. To allow us, on the one hand, to preserve and maintain the historic centres of villages – the hearts of the cities – alive and active and, on the other, to affirm the harmony between traditional and modern architecture .

Living in the Mediterranean traditional architecture | babelmed An architecture in continuous transformation
In the Mediterranean we find an architecture in continuous transformation, often subject to the influences of the different peoples that have inhabited it. In this architecture, impregnated with different cultural elements and traits, a common identity subsists. It therefore becomes one more element for understanding the cultures and collective identities that live together.

The IEMed, the Collegi d'Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics de Barcelona and the Direcció General d'Arquitectura i Paisatge of the Government of Catalonia present this exhibition with the aim of thinking about the Mediterranean and stressing its cultural richness and diversity. To reflect on the concept of traditional architecture, on what its common traits are and, above all, promote the basic elements of Mediterranean cultures. Moreover, this exhibition is also intended to create a space of debate and exchange between the different cultural and social agents involved in the area. Babelmed editorial team