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The Billy club, the whip and Arab satellite televisions
The Billy club, the whip and Arab satellite televisions | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe ministers for Information of 22 Arab States met in Cairo on last 12 February for a chat on censorship. An exceptionally consensual spirit reigned throughout, spoiled only by Qatar’s withdrawal.
Beirut: The 7th Wave
Beirut: The 7th Wave | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanHamra, Beirut, 3rd and 4th of March 2008Audition workshop: “The 7th Wave” an exchange dance project.
‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008
‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008 | babelmed | women - migration - mediterranean4th International Documentary Film Festival, Zagreb, 28th February- 2nd MarchZagrebDox, Croatia's documentary film festival is presenting this year more than 130 films from 30 countries.
Turkey: Scarf Freedom Raises Reform Impatience
Turkey: Scarf Freedom Raises Reform Impatience | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanCynics in Turkey have remarked how quickly the ruling AKP acted on lifting the headscarf ban for university students while ignoring other, more pressing issues of rights and freedoms.
Expressions of Nakba Competition
Expressions of Nakba Competition | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanDeadline for applications: March 30th 2008The year 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Nakba ("the catastrophe"): the expulsion and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and land in 1948.
To be 20 in the Mediterranean: Young Women In Egypt
To be 20 in the Mediterranean: Young Women In Egypt | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIf there is one thing that unites young Egyptian women in their twenties today it is that they are generally more articulate in expressing themselves than their mothers' and grandmothers' generation.
Amman: Global Internet Parliament
Amman: Global Internet Parliament | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanGlobal Island is a virtual game already played by young people from 20 countries. In Amman, young Danes and Arabs were discussing their common misconceptions from the virtual island.
Al Bustan Festival 2008
Al Bustan Festival 2008 | babelmed | women - migration - mediterranean
We Love Difference & Pastries
We Love Difference & Pastries  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanLa Spezia, 22nd-24th February 2008. "Love Difference Ice-cream and sweets as cultural passports" event : Art meets Gastronomy for promoting dialogue between Mediterranean cultures. Babelmed will be there to taste for you...
“A Sea of Words”
“A Sea of Words”  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe Anna Lindh Foundation and its Spanish Network are glad to announce that the deadline for participants has been extended to accept applications until Monday 31st March, 2008.Bounce into a Sea of words thanks to a Short Story Contest aimed at young people from the 37 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean space.

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