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Beirut’s Revolution’s Spaces
Beirut’s Revolution’s Spaces | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe Arab and global audience witnessed in recent months massive pitched battles in the central squares of the region’s capital cities. Capturing and defending urban space has emerged as the most effective way to unseat a despot; each revolution and protest movement has become nearly synonymous with the urban space it has occupied and spread from.
First Meeting of the Citizens’Circle of Rome
Stefano Ciampicacigli   
First Meeting of the Citizens’Circle of Rome | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe Citizens’ Circle of Rome, recently launched by Mr Stefano Ciampicacigli, will meet on June 21st on a boat floating on the Tibre River. Mr Garcés and Mariani, members of the advisory council will also be present.
PCHR welcomes the Egyptian Authorities’ Decision to Open the Gaza Strip
PCHR welcomes the Egyptian Authorities’ Decision to Open the Gaza Strip | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) welcomes the decision of the Egyptian authorities to open all land and air passages for Palestinians to and from the Gaza Strip.
The return of the boats
The return of the boats | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe arrival of a thousand sub Saharan immigrants in Malta on three boats one of which was sent back by Italy, has re-opened the immigration debate on a densely populated island of 400,000.
Tahrir Monologues
Tahrir Monologues | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanTahrir Monologues is a performance in progress inspired by the stories of those who lived the moments of hope, despair, weakness and strength during the 18 days of the Egyptian Revolution.
Revolutionaries vs. Facebook friends
 Revolutionaries vs. Facebook friends | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe coverage of the Arab revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere insists again and again on the fact that these are twitter-revolutions supported, led and perhaps even made possible by social media. This view is limited, Euro-centric, and even dangerous.
Blogger kidnapped
Blogger kidnapped | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanReporters Without Borders condemns yesterday’s abduction of the well-known blogger Amina Arraf, who blogs under the name of Amina Abdullah and who holds dual US and Syrian citizenship.
Europe must accept the boat people fleeing Libya
Europe must accept the boat people fleeing Libya | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIn an open letter concerning civilians fleeing Libya for Europe, MSF criticises inconsistent European policies claiming to protect civilians by engaging in a war while closing its borders to them.
The Counter Paradise
The Counter Paradise | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIt took blood for paradise to happen. By the end of 28 January, while millions of people were recovering from tear gas, I was convinced that God had appeared in Cairo. He was to leave again within the space of a month.
Journalists beaten by police in central Tunis
Journalists beaten by police in central Tunis | babelmed | women - migration - mediterranean“The police violence against journalists in the past two days is like a bad memory, ” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean-François Julliard said. “It is as if the old methods were back just four months after President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s fall.

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