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Customary marriages in Tunisia
Jalel El Gharbi   
Customary marriages in Tunisia | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanTunisia is the only Arab country to have outlawed polygamy. However, today, Salafist groups are openly challenging the Personal Status Code (CSP- Code de Statut Personnel) prohibiting customary marriage and polygamy.
March 25th 2012 Salafist assault on actors and artists
March 25th 2012 Salafist assault on actors and artists | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanWe, stage women and men, artists from every horizon, vigorously condemn the Interior ministry
Passing on the key
Passing on the key | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanFrom one generation of Palestinians to the next, refugees displaced since Israel’s creation have been passing on the stories of their dispossession
The Philippines - Misrata
Jenny Gustafson   
The Philippines - Misrata | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanTwo Philippine female migrant workers stand in front of the collection of photos of dead and injured people on display in Libya’s third largest town Misrata. When the war began last spring, they chose to stay in Libya and volunteer at one of Misrata’s hospitals.
Freedom of speech is not freedom to incite hatred!
May S   
 Freedom of speech is not freedom to incite hatred!  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanWhile the Jordanian electronic press has certainly broken too many taboos, its performance has been marred by bias and lack of professionalism. Unfortunately, the news websites, mushrooming in Jordan these days, have failed to provide a value-added contribution.
Tunisia: Entering the Aquarium
Mohammed Faraj   
Tunisia: Entering the Aquarium | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe sky was the first thing that attracted my attention when we were departing from Carthage airport in Tunis the capital. The Tunisian sky was pure, exhibiting several and...
A white wave for Syria
A white wave for Syria | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanA Solidarity Action organised on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the Independence of Syria, under the patronage of the International Federation for Human Rights and the League for Human Rights will be held in Paris, Place du Trocadero, April 17th, 7 to 7.30 p.m.
Activism: the takeover?
Kenza Sefrioui   
Activism: the takeover? | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanOver the past year, the 20th February Movement not only gathered young activists in its ranks but also those who have a longer experience in political or societal activism. This is an example of intergenerational coexistence based on common values but there are also certain misunderstandings…
Conflict between stability and change
Nidal Ayoub   
Conflict between stability and change | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanConflict between the two generations remains: the one that believes it has “made history” and the other in which the whole world sees the “makers of the future
Breaking a vicious cycle!
May S   
Breaking a vicious cycle!  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIn the utopian state I am referring to, future generations will break the vicious cycle and allow the emergence of a new reality. Most importantly, politics and morals can come closer to each other and double-standard approaches will come to an end.

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