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New blades to stop migrants in Melilla
Federica Araco   

New blades to stop migrants in Melilla | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanRajoy government has decided to restore las cuchillas, the blades, on six of the nine-kilometer border that separates Melilla, a Spanish enclave since 1497, from the Moroccan hinterland.

Windows into the world
Jenny Gustafsson   

Windows into the world | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanA collection of Instagram photos from Beirut, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and many more places by Mashallahnews.

“Theatre is a practise of xenophilia”
Övgü Pınar   

“Theatre is a practise of xenophilia” | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanInterview with Fabio Tolledi, artistic director of Astragali Teatro in Lecce and president of Italy Center of International Theatre Institute.

Separate worlds brought together through arts
Övgü Pınar   

Separate worlds brought together through arts | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanFirst phase of the “WALLS-Separate Worlds” project took place in ?irince, Turkey, Theatre actors from Turkey, Cyprus and Italy came together in the artistic residency workshop and put ino practise “the importance of knowing each other”.

“Gezi Park brought down the walls between the Kurds and nationalist Turks”
Övgü Pinar   

“Gezi Park brought down the walls between the Kurds and nationalist Turks” | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanInterview with Kadri Gürsel, columnist for Turkish daily “Milliyet” and “Al Monitor” website, and the chairman of the Turkish National Committee of the International Press Institute.


WALLS | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe project, developed by Astragali Teatro in Lecce, led and supported by the European Union Culture Program 2007-2013 will question the reality of borders in the Mediterranean through theatrical creation and independent information.

Journalists gripped in Turkey
Emel Gülcan   

Journalists gripped in Turkey | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanAccording to the article by Bianet, 48 journalists were assaulted and 11 detained in Turkey’s Gezi Resistance. As of October 2013, 66 journalists and 27 publishers remained behind bars. 28 journalists, authors and media representatives were convicted to a total of one life sentence, 329 years and 2 months of prison.

A madrasa of theatre
Övgü Pinar   

A madrasa of theatre  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIn a little village by the Aegean shores of Turkey is born a unique example of communal cultural institute. Created by public funding, the Theatre Madrasa offers the artists the opportunity to come together, make research and practice in an “out of this world” setting.

The walls of the Gezi Park
Övgü Pınar   

The walls of the Gezi Park | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe spirit of the Gezi Park protests still reverberates from the walls, which were adorned with creative graffiti and slogans.

The new Bosnia
Andrea Rossini   

 The new Bosnia | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe first Bosnian census since the fall of Yugoslavia has begun in a pre election climate. The survey will show, 20 years after the war and ethnic cleansing, what the new Bosnia is.


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