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The multiple faces of Lebanon and the ice cream lesson
Gianluca Solera   

The multiple faces of Lebanon and the ice cream lesson | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanLebanon has different faces. Not only those of the Maronite Christians of the Mount Lebanon towns, the Sunnis of Old Tripoli, or the Shia communities of the Southern coastal harbours. There is not only a cultural or religious multiple spectrum of identities in the country of cedars. There is also...

Fueling Turkish feminism with satire and humour
Clément Girardot   

Fueling Turkish feminism with satire and humour  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanBayan Yanı is a satirical magazine led by women in a country which is becoming increasingly hostile to them. For more than six years, cartoonists and writers in Turkey have combined their talents to make readers not only think but also laugh in a feminist way.

An interloper in both bathrooms
Raphaël Khouri   

An interloper in both bathrooms  | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanIt is impossible to talk about gender these days without using specific terminology designed to liberate those of us that have been marginalised by a normative binary gender regime. As much as I benefit from the space of liberation that has been created, this new language is itself a kind of new regime under whose nouns all narratives rally for legitimacy, and inevitably succumb to its tropes. Mashallah News

Raqqa Women Fighting ISIS Laws
Enab Baladi   

Raqqa Women Fighting ISIS Laws | babelmed | women - migration - mediterranean“It is only an outer cover that should not deceive us, Raqqa is still fine and its women have not changed.” Those were the words of young Anood, who works as a hair-dresser in her city, seeking a livelihood in a place clouded with darkness. Enab Baladi

Why do the Tunisian women divorce more and more often?
Rafika Bendermel   

Why do the Tunisian women divorce more and more often? | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanWhile the number of divorces requested by wives in Tunisia grows steadily, the story of Meriem, a young obese woman pushed to marry a man she met on Facebook and from whom later divorced with difficulties, illuminates the difficult path of Tunisian women, caught between apparently very “advanced” laws and a society still deeply entrenched in a patriarchal culture. Tunisie Bondy Blog

Slave labour? Death rate doubles for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon
Alice Su   

Slave labour? Death rate doubles for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanA woman with a pink cloth wrapped around her head climbs out of a window on the fourth floor of a residential building. She peers at the ground far below, clutching onto the window ledge as voices in the background yell at her to come inside. Instead, she jumps, her scream lingering for four seconds before she hits the ground.

A woman's memories from a minefield
Nabil Dowaikat   

A woman's memories from a minefield | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanThe film of the memories flash before my eyes on the road to Kasserine, where the editors sent me to shoot an investigation into the terrible attack that took place there. While the driver hurtles fast to get us there as soon as possible, I and my colleagues speak of the function that each of us will have on site. Arablog

Femicide: Italian style murders
Nathalie Galesne   

Femicide: Italian style murders | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanCongratulations. In Italy, every three days a woman is killed by a man who says he loves her.  A report on a tragic reality that is not exclusive to Mediterranean culture. Babelmed

I, the butcher of Algiers
Nejma Rondeleux   

I, the butcher of Algiers | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanBent Meziane (the daughter of Meziane), as she wants to be called, is a butcher since 1987. In her neat shop at the outskirts of Algiers, she recounts her story and her vision as a woman butcher, while attending two customers. Radio M

Be a Man
Sami Halabi   

Be a Man | babelmed | women - migration - mediterraneanLebanese journalist Sami Halabi traces the construction of his gender identity. Growing up as a boy in Lebanon means being socialized into a hyper-masculine gender model, that nurtures vertical male power structures and blocks social change. Becoming aware of this hidden mechanism is the first step to attempt alternative behaviours and initiate change. As many young men are starting to do, thanks also to the wealth of information provided through the web. Frame


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