To Leila Alaoui

Leila 545

Our tears will not dry
THEY murdered a flower
but not her fragrance
nor her colours

SHE was in Ouagadougou on this Black Friday (January 15)
beautiful deep eyes that could put to shame any Joconde
hair that would made all the Botticelli Venus blush
She was immensely beautiful immensely young As if the power of her photographer and video artist work had chosen to imprint itself on her own body

In 2014, the Festival Les Instants Vidéo exhibited Crossings
Crossings is a three-screen video installation exploring the experience of sub-Saharan migrants who embark on a perilous journey to reach the elusive European shores.
The installation combines voiceovers and static portraits with reconstructed video landscapes. It is an immersive experience into the collective memory of a forgotten minority. »

It was her participation to our cry « For a free circulation of bodies and desires ».

We were speaking about the bridges to build between Marseilles and the exhibition space (Station)
she created with her friend in a former wood factory in Jisr El Wati area in Beyrouth. We met thanks to the go-between of cross-border and warm-hearted friendship Claudine Dussollier.

THEY killed her because THEY hate life THEY hate what she is a Free woman, half French half Moroccan adopted by Lebanon, Too sensitive and clever for them, She made visual songs in praise of migrants
SHE waited until Monday evening (January 18) to die
Ultimate two-fingered gesture to human stupidity, a way to tell the killers You are not the ones who will decide the hour of my death! To these heart and brain illiterates, she taught a lesson on etymology: in agony, there is agon (from the greek agônia) which means a gathering, a meeting, a struggle, a fight.

Our tears will not dry
we will irrigate our struggles and our fights to come
we will assemble cosmopolite flowers
we will open up all the borders to gather differences
we will make THEM hate our agony, blossoming and everlasting like flowers

And we are beautiful!
To Leila Alaoui!

Leila 545bis 

Monday January 19th , 11.09 am
Marc Mercier / Instants Vidéo

Traslation: Naïk M'Sili





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