Positive Lebanon

Positive Lebanon | Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna, Positive Lebanon, éditions Tamyras, artisanat, théâtreA Lebanon full of great people and associations that make the country go forward. This is what the 400 pages of Positive Lebanon are all about, a plunge into the multitude of initiatives launched by civil society for a better life in a country plagued by a thousand difficulties.

Culture occupies an important place in the book, especially when it is understood as participation. Promoting crafts, offering theatre therapy to traumatised populations, creating street libraries, but also capturing on photo the many facets of a beloved country - landscapes, characters, graffiti, live scenes - or describing daily life through humorous drawings and cartoons… These are just some of the many initiatives included in the book, and which, together, show a Lebanon that has decided to take charge of itself, young and full of energy - since many associations and initiatives are led by youth.

"Positive Lebanon is not limited to a book or a collection, and not even to a campaign of events, it is a concept that conveys and instigates enthusiasm", says Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna, Director of Tamyras Publishing House. "In fact, first of all it introduces the public to the positive actions underway in Lebanon, and secondly, the Positive Lebanon movement will initiate other positive initiatives and connect the different positive actors in a policy of exchange".

The current events of Positive Lebanon can now be found on the web.

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