History of Gitane feminism in Spain

fem git 350Feminism can be studied and becomes even more interesting if it concerns a lesser known community, such as those of Gitane women. With this objective, AEGI social training center in Melilla organizes an online course entitled "Gitane Feminism, history, organization and fight against stereotypes".

The course aims to carry out a comprehensive approach to Gitane feminism, taking account of its key elements and to provide guidance to continue working on its principles and struggles.

It is the first online course on this subject in Spain.The organizers hope to be able to launch a debate on Roma women, who have very little presence in the media and in public debate. To break the stereotypes, the course alternates the study of history based on theoretical material with the testimonies of workers and community members committed to improving the status of women. Emancipation in the Gitane world is now in its third generation and the points on which it is articulated will be highlighted during the course starting from questions such as: Whatdoes the Gitane feminism fight against? In which cases is it expressed?

The course will take place from the first to the 30th of June.









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