Word of Gitano, the short film of a community

"We want to bring the gypsy community closer to the rest of the society just like between a group of friends, among our families and in our everyday environment". A goal that becomes the leitmotif of the short film "Antonia", a film made with crowfunding and now published also online. The project started in 2013 by a group of friends in the Andalusian city of Almería, the founders of the "Gitanos con Palabra" production company, which in addition to getting the support of the Foundation of the Gitane Secretariat, has broadened the participation to the entire city.

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The story unfolds around Antonia, a young Gitane who is passionate about photography and who changes her approach to her community after meeting Isabel, a Gitane journalist who works in Almería.

paro gita 180Successfully presented at many festivals, the short film has become an experimental laboratory: "To transmit a real and heterogeneous image - explains Raul, collaborator of the project - we worked as a team, Gitanes and non Gitanes".

The short film has involved more than two hundred people. All participants, from actors to technicians, worked on a voluntary basis. On the site http://gitanosconpalabra.com/ there are the photos from the shooting and a fun "making off" where the protagonist Beatriz Amador tells that it was her father who insisted that she took the part: "'Do not miss this train' he said to me".



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