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The contradictions of independent music in Egypt | babelmed | mediterranean culture

The contradictions of independent music in Egypt

The beginning of the new millennium saw the emergence of the term “independent music” in Egyptian cultural circles, attracting those dismissive of mainstream music. Almost 14 years after the term arrived, it remains ambiguous and undefined. Mada Masr explores the lights and shadows of the independent musical industry. (Ebticar/Mada Masr)

Journalists launch front to defend media freedoms | babelmed | mediterranean culture

Journalists launch front to defend media freedoms

A group of journalists announced on Wednesday November 5  the formation of a new movement called the Front to Defend Journalists and the Rights of Citizens. Mada Masr is part of it.

When books lead to prison | babelmed | mediterranean culture

When books lead to prison

After vigilant investigations and inspections, Egyptian security forces have finally got their hands on the English novelist George Orwell, precisely while he was trying to slip away from the back door of Cairo University, accompanied by his accomplices: some students... The "chronicle" of the event, from Arablog / Ebticar.

Mohamed Ali, Amina and Hichem: 1023 dinars per month | babelmed | mediterranean culture

Mohamed Ali, Amina and Hichem: 1023 dinars per month

Mohamed Ali and Amina have recently become parents of Hichem, 1.5 years old. They “earn” 1023 dinars per month, around 450 euros, but they spend 1299 euros. A dip into their wallets, to look at the independence of a young couple in Tunisia, in the company of Inkyfada.

Crowdfunding in the Mediterranean: humble but promising beginnings | babelmed | mediterranean culture

Crowdfunding in the Mediterranean: humble but promising beginnings

According to a study conducted by the Financement participatif Méditerranée (FPM) association, this type of “popular patronage” is still underdeveloped in the Maghreb countries. Funds collected so far through crowdfunding reach just 200,000 euros in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. But it is a growing market, tells Maghreb Emergent. (Ebticar/Radio M)

The Long Run | babelmed | mediterranean culture

The Long Run

MENA, the Middle East and North Africa region has an unexpected record. In a region where marriage age is the primary mark for independence (from the family), the average age for marriage for men is now the highest among all developing regions. The high unemployment rate for men can be blamed for this result, according to this impressive infographic by Visualizing Impact. (Ebticar/Visualizing impact)

Safineh | babelmed | mediterranean culture


Gab Ferneiné is a Lebanese media consultant who dedicated his latest experimental video, Safineh (Arabic for “boat”), to the Beirut port. Mashallah News asked him a couple of questions about his work that we are happy to share here. (Ebticar/Mashallah news)

Youssef Alimam: “Denial flows in our veins like the water of the Nile in the middle of Egypt”  | babelmed | mediterranean culture

Youssef Alimam: “Denial flows in our veins like the water of the Nile in the middle of Egypt”

Youssef Alimam is a 22–year-old musician, composer, independent filmmaker, actor, scriptwriter and photographer. He graduated from the High Cinema Institute in Cairo and also has a background in sound engineering and production. Libido, his graduation project, won Youssef Chahine’s Student award for best short documentary in 2012 and the Rotary Award for Best Film on Peace in 2013. (Ebticar/Mashallah news)

Sahara Rocks | babelmed | mediterranean culture

Sahara Rocks

French reporter Arnaud Contreras has been travelling for many years in the whole Saharan regions and explored extensively the local musical culture. He launched a crowdfunding campaign that will allow him to finish his project “Sahara Rocks”. (Ebticar/Mashallah news)

PirateBeirut. Free sharing to create culture | babelmed | mediterranean culture

PirateBeirut. Free sharing to create culture

Born in 2009 to “preserve the cultural heritage of Lebanon”, the “pirate” file-sharing site has helped launch stars that now are internationally acclaimed, such as Mashrou’ Leila. And it is chosen by a growing number of musicians to reach the public in more than 150 countries.

“Arab Media: The Battle for Independence” - 7th ARIJ Conference Comes to Amman | babelmed | mediterranean culture

“Arab Media: The Battle for Independence” - 7th ARIJ Conference Comes to Amman

GIJN member Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) will host its seventh annual forum for Arab investigative journalists in Amman, Jordan, this December. The theme of the three-day conference, which begins on December 5, will be "Arab Media: The Battle for Independence". (Ebticar/ARIJ)





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