Water, olive trees, houses. The territory in infographics by Visualizing Palestine

g water 350Did you know that it rains more in Palestine than in London? That the number of olive trees (800.000) planted in Palestine since 1967 would cover an area equal to 33 times the Central Park? That the 95 percent of the 117 water wells in Gaza are contaminated?

These are some of the data described in the “Vizualizing Palestine” infographics, one of the information projects for the web by Visualizing Impact, a Libanese creative community composed of journalists, graphic designers, sociologists and information engineers. A dynamic group that grows and changes around different projects, aggregating experts to help in the search and processing of data depending on the subjects dealt with.

The militant spirit of the community expresses itself through the creation of infographics aimed at combating stereotypes and blatant manipulation of information using objective data made ​​comprehensible - and pleasant - with the use of images, symbols, charts, which guides the "reading", tells stories, reveals hidden truths.

The infographics of Visualizing Impact are in fact distributed with a Creative Commons license so as to encourage anyone to use them. The group has already received numerous awards and its infographics have found space on international web platforms, from Aljazeera to the Guardian online, have been used by universities and non-governmental organizations, have appeared on billboards and advertisements.

Visualizing Palestine is one of their projects, a work in progress, which grows gradually with new boards, to tell about this troubled land and the drama of a people through a counter-information that reveals the hidden sides of Israeli politics. The graphics we present here are dedicated to the environmental damage, starting from water resources.

Cristiana Scoppa

Translated from Italian by Övgü Pınar









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