'Wounded to Death'

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For once, it is these women who speak in the first person, like a Spoon River of femicide, each telling her story from where they are now, regaining life and substance, finally stepping out of a dry and cold list.

Serena Dandini, writer, journalist and host of several successful television programmes, with the collaboration of Maura Misti, a researcher at CNR, has written a short story for each of them, as part of a theatrical piece, aimed at sensitizing, through the language of drama, government institutions and public opinion to a phenomenon for which the data is still not certain, but which would indicate in Italy – as can be seen from the few statistics available – one victim every two or three days.

'Wounded to Death' has made a stop in Paris and put two French ministers on stage at the National Library of France: Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, who showed her talent as orator, and Equal Opportunity Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.
Now the show aims to conquer the Arab and Muslim world.
"Our goal is also to consult the southern part of the Mediterranean. We are happy that the project began from Italy, but we are ready to begin a second phase," observed Emma Bonino. Various contacts have already been made in Tunisia, Morocco and Turkey.
The former Italian foreign minister - and true 'godmother' of the project - read a one of the monologues (in French) on femicide written by Serena Dandini in collaboration with Maura Misiti. She was received by warm audience applause. Bonino hopes that "Wounded to Death" may give impulse to France to ratify the Instanbul Convention''. The text of the Council of Europe convention preventing and combating violence against women, already been ratified by Italy, will nevertheless go into effect on August 1.
Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, artist Bettina Rheims, and actresses Nabiha Akkari and Eurydice El Etr were among the readers - all in black with red shoes. Notwithstanding some men that have come forward to try to take their turn at having the word.
''Above all some actors. But the men - no - we do not want them,'' joked Serena Dandini.
But the writer and journalist has written a new text that could go on to enrich the collection, in which precisely a man this time speaks in first person. A violent partner who goes to ring on the door of Paradise to express remorse. ''But I haven't had anyone read it,'' Dandini said.









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