Syrian eyes of the world

sy eye0“Since March 2011, what is shown about Syria isn’t always beautiful. It’s a sad reality, but in an effort not to forget the human beings behind the conflict, we decided to show the world other faces, other realities.”

The goal of the “Syrian Eyes of the World” project is summarized in this statement by Youssef Shoufan, photographer and the founder of the project. “As we want to broaden the spectrum of what is shown about the country, the objective is to give a voice with no discrimination to the diverse community that forms this diverse nation” he says.

“Syrian Eyes of the World”, international photographic project hosted by non-profit organization La maison de la Syrie (a non-profit cultural organization based in Montréal, Canada), is also an effort to archive this part of history that we are living in, history of a mosaic nation that has lived in harmony for thousands of years, but that is now living difficult moments.

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