EBTICAR-MEDIA call for proposals


With European Union funding, CFI, the French media cooperation agency, is launching its first EBTICAR-MEDIA call for proposals for financial support of online media development in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. In partnership with the babelmed.net Mediterranean portal (Italy) and the Samir Kassir and Anna Lindh Foundations (Lebannon and Egypt, respectively), with technical support from France Expertise Internationale.


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Development of the online media is profoundly changing production methods and the ways in which information is accessed throughout the world. Thanks to European Union funding amounting to EUR 1.5 million over three years (2014-2016), EBTICAR-MEDIA will be providing solid support for the most dynamic stakeholders within this historic movement that is now sweeping through the Arab world in particular. EBTICAR-MEDIA (E-Booster for Technical and Innovative Contents in the Arab Region, which also means “innovation” in Arabic) has set itself the target of monitoring the development and organisation of the online media in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon through the award of subsidies for the most innovative proposals.

EBTICAR-MEDIA is approaching structures, companies, associations and community groups that offer online news content and wish to strengthen, enrich or structure their offering.

Proposals selected by EBTICAR-MEDIA will aim to strengthen the editorial, technical or financial competence of online media stakeholders.

The deadline for applications is 16 May 2014. Those heading up the twenty five projects preselected will be invited to attend a meeting in Marseilles in July 2014, where they will be able to present their project to a panel of judges. Ultimately, between ten and twelve projects will be chosen and these will be the potential recipients of a subsidy of between EUR 20 000 and 80 000 per structure. A second call for proposals will be launched in January 2015.



The full text of the EBTICAR-MEDIA call for proposals and the application form can be accessed at: http://www.4m.cfi.fr/index.php/en/projet-ebticar-media-en-ar


This initiative forms part of the “4M – journalism and social media” programme that CFI has been developing over the last three years in the Arab world, Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus and – coming soon – south east Asia, and which offers workshops, training courses, advice and monitoring of not only technical but also editorial aspects to traditional online media or pure players.


For more information on the 4M programme, go to www.4M.cfi.fr



About CFI:

cfi 130CFI, the media cooperation agency funded by the French Foreign Ministry and other sponsors, including the European Union, has for 25 years been the French representative in the world of French media development in the South. Its method, to mobilise the best in terms of expertise and know-how on the part of media professionals with a view to modernising the media in the target countries through consultancy and training actions, audits and studies.




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