Italy’s first online immigration museum

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The Migrador Museum, Italy's first online museum on immigration opened on February, 20.

The museum aims to give a face and a voice to those who don't often have the possibility of telling their side of the story. The Migrador Museum's mission is to tell the stories of the countless men and women who chose to migrate to Italy by chance or out of desperation, for work, study or love.

"Italy has an unknown heritage", said Massimo Pillitteri, who created and is in charge of the Migrador Museum. "It is made of treasures which take the shape of stories, experiences, languages, ideas, courage, sacrifice, colours, flavours of thousands of people without a face or name who overcame a great challenge: starting a new life in another place, with another language and different cultural codes," he said. Some stories and experiences "even exceed our imagination", Pillitteri said. "Others have the capacity to tell the story of a country which is changing. We think for the best". Anecdotes, memories and photos have been posted online as well as novels.

The Migrador Museum will give space to new virtual stories every month. Pillitteri said these would include invented biographies of migrants "which will tell their stories from a privileged position: that of the future. "Like that of Rania Hun - with which this space of virtual stories opens - about a fourth-generation Italian-Chinese-Jordanian working in space tourism born in the second half of the 19 50s in this century. "Her grandparents arrived in Italy in 2014 from China and Jordan, in a country where bionic humans take on jobs refused by immigrants," Pilliterri said. In that alternative future, he said "Pizza Hut has been bought by a Chinese company that has called it Pizza Chu and America's Big Mac has lost its competition against Big Kebab". The most creative stories and biographies will become part of an e-book called "Immigration in Italy told from the future".

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