Sacred music festival in Jordan

jord mus 333The festival of sacred music, Animae Musica, organised by the Institut Français opened on January 15 with an outstanding performance at the Royal Cultural Centre in Amman.

Performing to a full house, with some of the audience members sitting on the steps in the side aisles, the Whirling Dervishes from Konya in Turkey did more than bring a treat for the eyes and the ears, which is usually what live performances do. 

With their authentic Sufi chants, the group added a non-negligible third dimension, a real treat for the spirit.

The all-male 14-member ensemble of singers and musicians captivated the audience with their chants, with the beauty of their voices, with the highly professional quality of their performance and with the trademark dervish dance that fascinated those seeing it for the first time as much as those who had already seen such a dance before.

jord mus 333bisThe deep, introspective spirit that emanated from the artists was such that the audience was emotionally, genuinely touched by the mystical aspect of the performance — for sacred music it was indeed. 

The Animae Musica festival continues with the participation of groups from Turkey, Syria, France and Jordan. The festival of sacred music is being organized for the third year by the Institut Français de Jordanie (IFJ).

Participants include the Whirling Dervishes of Konya from Turkey; Syria's singer Waed Bouhassoun; the Jalwa and Fountain of Love ensembles from Jordan and the Sagittarius and Perspectives groups from France.

The festival will be performed in different cities including will be performed in Amman, Zarqa and Madaba and will end on January 25.







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