Libyan artists in Malta

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'A Libyan Lamma' will be exhibiting the work of six original contemporary Libyan artists, offering them the opportunity to show their pieces to the Maltese public for the very first time at the cultural venue of St James Cavalier in Valletta.

'Lamma' - which means a social gathering in the local Arabic dialect - will bring a varied selection of paintings, sculptures, installation art and photography all within the context of post-Revolutionary Libya; where on the one hand there is more scope for artistic freedom of expression but where the future of the socio-political terrain is still uncertain.

The artists taking part will be:Matug Aborawi(who has just recently joined Noon Arts),Yousef Fetis,Mohammad Bin Lamin,Hadia Gana,Naziha ArebiandArwa Abouon(whose work is on loan from theThird Line Galleryin Dubai, UAE).

Some of the highlights of 'The Libyan Lamma' exhibition will be: Mohammad Bin Lamin's sculptures made from recycled war materials like metal bullets, Matug Aborawai's incredible paintings and sketches of drawing immigrants on their way to Europe, Hadia Gana's Zarda installation piece and Naziha Arebi's photographs offering an unusual glimpse into the private celebrations of Libyan women.

Najlaa El-Ageli, Co-Founder of Noon Arts had this to say about this exhibition:"We are delighted to be showing this exhibition in Malta and to collaborate with the fantastic St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

"There has always been a very special trade relationship between Malta and Libya and Noon's aim is to open a dialogue between the Maltese public and the Libyan artists to help create richer cross-cultural understanding and the appreciation of each other.

"I'm confidant that the work of our artists will prove the changing face of Libya for the better and reflecting on its people's human experience."


Noon Arts mission is to bring the very best of Libyan Art to the world stage and to spot, encourage and nurture both new and established Libyan artists and celebrate their work in all its myriad forms.


The artists taking part in 'A Libyan Lamma' are:

The Artists

  • Matug Aborawi
  • Yousef Fetis
  • Mohammad Bin Lamin
  • Hadia Gana
  • Mohammad Bin Lamin
  • Naziha Arebi
  • Arwa Abouon





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