1st Biennial Tunis Arab Contemporary Art exhibition

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Twenty-four Arab artists and 94 fromTunisiawill participate in the first Tunis Contemporary Arab Art Biennial set for December 11 to 31. The biennial, initiated by the Tunisian Visual Artists Union (UAPT), was on December 10 in Abdellia Palacein Marsa.

Amal Nasr (Egypt), Aziz Ayachia ( Algeria ), Ali Laalibi ( Libya ), Ali Hassan (Qatar) , Moussa Omar (Oman) and Omar Mohamed Bechara (Sudan ) are among the big names of Arab artists who exhibit their work in the biennial alongside Tunisian artists such as Kaouther Jallazi , Feryel Lakhdhar artists , Brahim Azzabi , Mongi Maatoug Rachid Fakhfakh Rafiq El Kamel and Lamine Sassi .

Besides the exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, videos, tapestries, installations and performances the program also includes a lecture on "issues of contemporary Arab art".








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