Why are we building new walls to divide us?

Almost a quarter of a century after the Iron Curtain came down, the walls are going up again. In steel and concrete, with watchtowers and barbed wire, mankind is building separation barriers at a rate perhaps unequalled in history - at least 6,000 miles in the last decade alone, according to a Guardian analysis.

Now, in a unique project, Guardian journalists have visited 10 of the most controversial, striking, contested and extraordinary walls, from the US-Mexican border to the West Bank, and from Europe’s eastern and southern frontiers to the divided cities of Homs and Belfast. We have tried to establish why these new divisions are going up now, in an age when globalisation was supposed to tear the barriers down - particularly when, as history shows, walls rarely did what they set out to do.


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Walled world

US: 345 miles

Morocco: 1700 miles

Syria: 3 miles

India: 2500 miles

Brazil: 40 miles

Israel: 310 miles

Greece: 6.6 miles

N Ireland: 30 miles

Korea: 155 miles

Spain: 7.5 miles



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Mark Rice-Oxley and Guardian correspondents




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