Thinking of the 21st century Mediterranean

"Thinking of the two banks of the Mediterranean" is the fundamental theme of the Rencontres d’Averroès (The Averroes Meetings), a prestigious cultural event in Marseilles that has reached its twentieth edition. But rather than an isolated and self-referenced “thinking” of academics and specialists, these series of lectures every year aim to raise questions in a public space, in an open and sharing attitude.

During this edition, intellectuals, researchers, civil society representatives and artists will try to identify and understand the major challenges and debates that the Mediterranean region of the 21st century experiences.

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Five round tables, each preceded by a conference, will follow the program:

- The issue of memory and transmission of cultural heritage: "Athens, Cordoba, Jerusalem. Heritage shared or denied?"

The research on the origins is limited to the Greek-Latin heritage or can it be extended to the Andulusian and Judeo-Arabic context? Is the Andalusian heritage fully part of the European conscience? Or the idea of the West is still too tied to the glorious Hellenic past and the Roman “mare nostrum”?

- The issue of the Mediterranean as a ladder of thought and understanding of the world. "The Mediterranean: a liquid or a fragmented continent?"

The Mediterranean is a still fertile territory for interrogating on the history and on the most important issues of our world and our time? Or is it an artificial construction that masks the tensions and fractures?

- The issue of femininity and masculinity, and the complex relationships between women and men. "Male- female, freedom and/or domination?"

This is a central theme throughout the world, but has a particular meaning in the Mediterranean context and can reveal deep tensions and contradictions. There are important changes, for example on the issue of motherhood and fertility, which has been a real revolution in the Mediterranean. In the end, what is the level of access to education and public realm? Do the relationships between men and women continue to be based on domination or are there any emerging freedom areas?

- The issue of war and peace. "Is peace impossible or war unlikely between Europe and the Mediterranean ? "

After the Arab revolutions, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the war in Syria and many other tensions still going on in the Mediterranean world raises the questions: "What is happening right before our eyes? What is the state of today’s conflict and what is the relationship between tomorrow’s Mediterranean and the Europe?"

- The creative Mediterranean, art in the city? "In search of new aesthetics"

Against all obscurantism, forms of old and new dictatorship, and against all orthodoxy, which answers are emerging in the arts? What is the role of creators in big cities? While makeshift identity or religious movements are, could new art forms offer possible alternatives with the increase of the crisis?


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