Young Women as Job Creators

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A Global Project Memorandum between the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) was signed on January 15 at UfM headquarters in Barcelona, preparing the launch of the second phase of the Young Women as Job Creators project, in an effort to continue supporting young women in the Southern Mediterranean starting up their own business.

The second phase of the project, set to take place in 2014, will be held in seven countries, with Egypt, Tunisia and Albania joining the four initial countries - Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Spain - from the first phase.

The document was signed following the successful implementation by AFAEMME of the project’s first phase between May and November 2013 in Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Spain. Eighteen Women Entrepreneurship Days (WEDs), a series of seminars providing participants with specific training and coaching to create new businesses, were held in cooperation with a total of 32 local universities, higher education centres, schools and national businesswomen organisations’ headquarters.

The WEDs brought together approximately 800 women and men university students, providing them with free advice on how to create a new business and motivating them to pursue entrepreneurial careers. The WEDs paid particular attention to informing the participants on legal and business basics for setting up a new company and analysed their business creation ideas.

Throughout the project’s duration a special focus was made on the role and importance of women as entrepreneurs and job creators in the development of national economies. The participants’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive, stating that the project gave them an opportunity to express and explore their professional aspirations and boosted up their confidence and determination to pursue their entrepreneurial careers.

A third phase of the project will be held in 2015 and will encompass the seven countries which participated in the project’s first and second phases, as well as Algeria, Croatia, Lebanon and Turkey. Once the project’s all three phases have been completed in 2015 a total of 11 countries will have participated in it.



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