Dream City 2012, Tunis & Sfax

Contemporary art biennale in public space, Tunisia


26-30 September 2012 in TUNIS

5-7 October in SFAX

May 2013 in Marseille MP13



Art Rue is organising the 3rd Edition of the multidisciplinary contemporary art biennale in Tunisian public space.

This year, the event is taking place in the city of Tunis from the 26 to the 30th of September and in Sfax from the 5th to the 7th of October 2012.


Since 2006, the Art Rue Collective has placed culture at the heart of the political and social struggle. Defending an art that is accessible to everyone, the collective has chosen the public space to affirm the right to freedom of expression, thought and creativity in Tunisia.


In the wake of the January 2011 popular uprising and the policies implemented since then, a particularly symbolic theme in today's Tunisia was chosen for DREAM CITY 2012: The Artist Facing Freedom.


This year's program includes 40 artists, some of which are Tunisians and a dozen of them are foreign artists.


Like in every edition, Dream City will occupy the medina, the historic heart of the city through the artistic works designed for the event presented in the streets, houses and squares.


In May 2013, Dream City will bring its artistic baggage in France. The Biennale is invited in the framework of Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture.







For further information, please contact:

CeCiL Thuillier

+33(0)6 08 02 83 73 (mobile France)



Jihene TURKY


Tel. +216 20 21 86 90

Tel. +216 52 21 86 93


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