Samira Ibrahim, the bravest young woman in Egypt

Samira Ibrahim, the bravest young woman in Egypt
Samira Ibrahim



Coming from the conservative Southern Egypt, the 25-year-old Samira Ibrahim is not an activist. Nonetheless, the young woman has had the courage to accuse the army for rape after having been obliged to undergo a virginity test.

Samira has endured violence and humiliation after having been arrested during a protest that was held on the 9th of March 2011, about a year ago.

By breaking the silence, Samira Ibrahim, to whom many people refer as “the bravest woman in Egypt” wanted to prevent other Egyptian young women from becoming victims of such practices. She called on Egyptian and international human rights organisations to support her and they have joined her cause. On the 27th December 2011, the Egyptian court made a decision on the virginity tests issues in favour of Samira.

In the coming days, Babelmed will publish, on its different linguistic pages, the portrait of this young woman who was able to challenge the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, contradict conventional ideas according to which, women should remain subject to traditions and embody the living model of the Egyptian revolution ready to shatter these outdated methods and reject offense against women.



Dina Kabil
Translated from French by Elizabeth Grech


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