Mediterranean Women's Fund photo competition


Mediterranean Women's Fund photo competitionThe Mediterranean Women’s Fund is launching a photo competition entitled “Women, their revolutions”. A cry for freedom has been travelling around the Mediterranean basin….passing by Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Syria. Women have shown that they have played an essential role in these democratic revolutions by animating social networks, organizing committees, in the street, through their artistic expression struggling side by side with men. But what will be their place the day after the revolution?
From one Mediterranean shore to another, what type of democratic societies do women want to establish? What does the word revolution mean to them?

The 2011 Photo Competition of the Mediterranean Women's Fund takes place in launched in this current situation. The competition aims to witness diverse forms of feminine expression (struggling for their rights, refusing injustice and creating new perspectives) through photography.
This competition is open for amateur men or women who live in any Mediterranean country. It is open from the 5th of July 2011 to the 30th of October at midnight.


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