Uncommon: Malta + Gozo


Maltese Journalist Emma Mattei together with all other contributors has very recently launched “Uncommon”, an uncommon guide to the Islands of Malta and Gozo that Babelmed English recommends. Uncommon is a journey into a “Malta” that you might not know, in a “Malta” that is not always so “rosy”.

Uncommon: Malta + GozoDid you know that the Romantic poet Byron spent time in Valletta pursuing a married woman? Would you like to take a peek at life behind faded shutters? Do you want to fly on a seaplane and go for a secret swim?

Uncommon Malta & Gozo is an intimate companion and travelogue that steers you through the urban streets and along the rugged coast with anecdote, lore, myth, field notes, maps, routes, illustrations and itineraries as your guide.

Contributors new and established, resident and visitor, commingle to create a remarkably varied field manual for today’s discerning traveller.

Uncommon celebrates the ‘habit of flux’, urging you to lose your way in order to stumble across the roads less travelled in Malta & Gozo.

Edited by Maltese journalist Emma Mattei and designed by resident British artist Jon Banthorpe, Uncommon has brought together a chorus of voices that attempt to delve into our common identity with respect, humour and grace.

Writers, artists, photographers sit back to back with architects, bakers and anthropologists to produce an exciting journey

Between the bucket and spade handbook and the heavy weight tribute tomes comes Uncommon, a portable companion with a hard back. Small (a perfect A5), substantial and varied, the idea is that you can carry the book with you wherever you go and steal a moment with the book.

The book provides access to places most visitors will never see or seek out, and encourages locals to step out of their comfort zone and interact with their natural habitats in new ways.

Uncommon , which costs €25 is available in all good book shops and online

To purchase the book and read more go to:



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