Dream City: Artistic Actions in Urban Space, Tunis

Dream City gives a tremendous importance to the new forms of artistic creations in the urban space, questioning our new political and societal conditions and striking roots all over the city: contextual art, new architectures and new urban landscapes, mobile art, new urban cultures and other forms of critical and artistic appropriation of the city.
Dream City: Artistic Actions in Urban Space, Tunis

The selected projects shall concern at the same time the pertinence of the work of art in keeping with a place, a territory or a population and the capacity of echoing a collective memory around the following theme: the artist facing freedom .

The call for projects is open to all the Tunisian artists living and practising in the territory. 15 to 20 Tunisian projects shall be selected.

This year, Dream City is inviting artists from Africa and Central Asia to submit their projects. 5 selected artists of Africa and Central Asia shall be offered a lodging to develop their work.

- Proposing to the public a new understanding of the urban space and the territorial problems, through working on the shifting, changing the perception of the territory or even through inviting the public to change his usual surroundings. 
- Submitting projects which directly tackle the people’s everyday life, their urban practices and environment while basing ourselves on the territorial characteristics (architectural, social, historical, geographical…) 

Trying to mobilize the public and to bring about a curious and creative urbanity.

The Concerned Artistic Fields 
Visual arts, performances, digital arts, street arts, architecture, design, etc. Dream City 2012

Examples of the contemplated projects 
- Performances in public spaces 
- Participative projects 
- Population related project 
- Design and re-allocation of the urban furniture 
- Urban identification 
- Short lived installations and/or architectures 
- Itinerant projects and artistic routes in the city.

Theme: the Artist facing Freedom 
Striving to re-think, in an artistic manner, the political, economical, social and environmental reconstruction of our country, we have opted, this year, to engage all the Tunisian artists to create, re-think and question, using their arts, our new freedoms and to let their artistic proposals echo this new condition.
To really understand the impact of this democracy on our artistic creations and practices but also on the actual meaning of our life and our renewed identity, as well as on our most intimate landscape.

Contemplated Places 
PARADISE NOW: this year all the smaller Tunis could be contemplated as a creation space.
File Compilation 
- A project presentation file (texts, photos, schedules, drawings, etc.) 
- The artist’s biography

30 July 2011

Dream City will take place from the 25th to the 30th of September 2012.

The selected Tunisian artists undertake to attend all the monthly meetings, which will take place from November 2011 up to September 2012. These meetings are research workshops that accompany the artists in their creations, their intuitions, guided by Dream City Team and outside consultants.

The physical implementation of the projects should start as early as March 2012 by an involvement of the artists on the selected premises, the borough and the location.

Creation Budget 
A production budget is scheduled for each project. The amount shall be fixed later on, based on the available funds.

Further information:

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