Vanishing Spaces, London


As part of the Mayor of London’s Shubbak Festival celebrating contemporary Arab culture across London, Zenith Foundation is presenting Vanishing Spaces : 6 short films (total 80 minutes) + discussion with programmer Mona Deeley.
With the ‘Arab Spring’ still unfolding and Obama’s recent call for the return of Israel to its 1967 boundaries, Vanishing Spaces provides a timely and engaging exploration of the people and places behind some of those events.


Vanishing Spaces, London


The 6 shorts from Syria and Palestine reflect everyday lives played out in extraordinary circumstances, and poignantly record places and peoples that have endured existential turning points.

Date and Time: Friday 8 July 2011, 6.30 for 7pm
Place: The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road London W2 5QH.

Programme :
Na'im & Wade'a , Najwa Najjar, 1999, Palestine, 20 minutes

Essay on the Euphrates Dam , Omar Amiralay, Syria, 1970, 10 minutes

Before Vanishing , Joude Gorani, Syria, 13 minutes

They Were Here , Ammar Al Beik, Syria, 2000, 8 minutes

A Plate of Sardines , Omar Amiralay, Syria, 1997, 19 minutes

Soup Over Bethlehem , Larissa Sansour, 2006, Palestine, 10 minutes


Bookings: , T: 0207 221 5908. Spaces are limited so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.
Go Further: To get hold of quality independent films and music from the Arab region visit .
More info:
020 722 1641.

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