Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival


The Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival will take place between from Friday the 1st and Sunday the 10th of July 2011 , Liverpool, UK. In 2010 LAAF was awarded the Arab British Centre’s Culture & Society Award 2010 for an outstanding contribution to the British public’s knowledge and understanding of the life, society and culture of the Arab people.
Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival
Founded by the Liverpool Arabic Centre and the Bluecoat ( the Festival’s aim is to raise awareness and promote Arabic arts and culture in Liverpool and beyond, the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year.

Coming at a time when huge changes are taking place in the Arab world, this edition intends to reflect and investigate the themes of history and change through its rich programme featuring concerts, performances, real life stories, exhibitions, screenings, talks, workshops and more. Conceived before the recent Arab revolutions, yet responding to the new political landscape, the Festival will present artists whose work reflects on the position of the individual within competing discourses of politics, identities, geographies and religions.


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