Tahrir Monologues


Tahrir Monologues is a performance in progress inspired by the stories of those who lived the moments of hope, despair, weakness and strength during the 18 days of the Egyptian Revolution.
Tahrir Monologues
A group of passionate amateurs came up with the initiative called Tahrir Monologues. Inspired by the true stories of those who participated actively to the events that took place in Tahrir Square in January 2011 this initiative is an attempt to recreate the 25th of January Revolution on a stage setting.

It aims at representing the spirit of the revolution with tear gas moments, front line memories, rubber bullets, relentless chants, night shifts for neighbourhood protection, thugs, 18 days of change and almost two weeks of house arrest and long cold nights in Tahrir square.

The first Tahrir Monologues performance is taking place on the 26th May at the Rawabet Theatre, Downtown, Cairo. The performance will be developed through various stages and will continue to collect and gather stories of the revolution to contribute to the future and different versions of Tahrir Monologues. The team is working on the English version with the aim to present their work on a national, regional and international level.


To send your stories, you are invited to write to
Ahmed Kamal and Sondos Shabayek at tahrirstories@hotmail.com

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