Questioning the ‘Margins of Europe’ from Istanbul

  Questioning the ‘Margins of Europe’  from Istanbul This year, the second Culture Forum Istanbul, which is organized by European Cultural Association, is realized jointly with IETM International Contemporary Performance Arts Network which consists subscription of more than 400 cultural and artistic institutions over 45 countries. In order to state the partnership, this year’s event is also renamed as ‘IETM at Culture Forum Istanbul’.
Culture Forum Istanbul is a wide-ranging international event which departs mainly from cultural and artistic approaches and brings touching, questioning and repositioning of Europe’s political, geographical, mental, emotional, psychological, cultural and artistic margins into focus. Within the frame of the forum, hundreds of leading cultural and artistic agents from all over the world will be participants or speakers and in addition to conferences, panels, workshops, meetings, brains storming; there will also be an Artistic Programme.
European Cultural Association is an NGO that was initiated by volunteers coming from different professions with visions of ‘raising cultural awareness’ and ‘a shared future’. Association aims to promote cultural and artistic communication and cooperation in local, regional,national and international platforms and support culture and arts. In order to accomplish these aims, ‘International Forum on Turkey-Europe Cultural Relations’ that was realized voluntarily contributions and efforts of several institutions and artists in 2005, and this year it is renamed as Culture Forum Istanbul.

This year’s main partner IETM International Contemporary Performing Arts Network consists of over 400 subscribing cultural and artistic organizations from more than 45 countries who have faith in the power of innovative action in the field of contemporary performing arts and the vitality of cross-border cultural and artistic exchange and collaboration. It encourages the development of performance arts in a global scale by means of promoting professional communication and pointing out efficient information exchange, conveying experiences and successful examples. For the first time in its history, IETM is going to realize its plenary session -which is convened biannualy- within the frame of another event, Culture Forum Istanbul, in April and celebrate her 25. anniversary in İstanbul.

Culture Forum Istanbul is also a communication, ‘encounter’ and research platform in terms of developing intersocietal dialogue, cultural and artistic collaboration, co-operation and co-production. In order to create sustainable and permanent relations between societies, it prioritizes establishment of personal relations, achieving cultural, artistic, educational, and professional co-operations above solely economic and political approaches.

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