Museums in Turkey

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Roma in Turkey: Not recognized, not protected


rom tk 110The Roma population in Turkey, believed to be between 500,000 and 5 million, is not recognized as a minority, and therefore not under legal protection. Turkish Roma face discrimination in all aspects of life;with employment, housing, education and healt being the greatest issues.

Islamo-Feminism Goes Radical


Islamo-Feminism Goes RadicalThey are furious, shameless and radical: In his documentary theater piece "Black Virgins, " Feridun Zaimoglu has lent a voice to young Muslim women. Now the piece has come out as a radio play.

Turkey: Immigrants with No Rights


Turkey: Immigrants with No RightsThe border is open to the West, not to the East. Being an illegal immigrant means being underpaid, living in inhuman conditions, being locked in “guest houses,” or even dying...