Euromed Partnership: The successful case of Tunisia

  Euromed Partnership: The successful case of Tunisia "The Euro-mediterranean Partnership: The Successful case of Tunisia", is a conference organized by UT Phoenix Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Tunisia in London.

The conference will be a prominent occasion to review one of the themes that has been at the core of UT Phoenix Foundation activities, that of the progress of the Partnership between the EU and the Euro-Mediterranean countries, both on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the signature of the Partnership with Tunisian and the tenth anniversary of the Barcelona process. The review of the Tunisian experience will be carried out together with senior representatives of the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the EU, the UK government.

The conference will take place on Friday, the 4th of July, in the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in Russell Square, in London.

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