Festivals in Tunisia

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Tunisia: When punishment becomes a gift


Tunisia: When punishment becomes a gift When the works of Ben Haj Yahia, Jebali, Darwish and Farzit pervade theatrical creativity, the struggle of two generations parades on stage.

Why do the Tunisian women divorce more and more often?


Perché le donne tunisine divorziano sempre più spesso? | babelmed | donne - migrazione - mediterraneoWhile the number of divorces requested by wives in Tunisia grows steadily, the story of Meriem, a young obese woman pushed to marry a man she met on Facebook and from whom later divorced with difficulties, illuminates the difficult path of Tunisian women, caught between apparently very “advanced” laws and a society still deeply entrenched in a patriarchal culture. Tunisie Bondy Blog

Writing the Tunisian Revolution


Writing the Tunisian RevolutionEverywhere TVs, radios and computers were on almost day and night for months, eclipsing all other windows. Facebook pages, videos on cell-phones, Twitter messages captured our whole attention...