Museums in Tunisia

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Tunisia/Libya: Between terrorism and civil war, Libyan refugees held hostage


Tra terrorismo e guerra civile, i rifugiati libici presi in ostaggio | babelmed | cultura mediterraneaAmong the countries that have seen a forced march to migration in the Mediterranean area in recent years, the Libyan case could be an exception. Indeed, despite the mass exodus of at least one and a half million Libyans at the climax of the civil war, many have found refuge in Tunisia, the only state to have obtained a democratic benefit from the Arab Spring.(Ebticar / Tunisie Bondy Blog)

Mohamed Ali, Amina and Hichem: 1023 dinars per month


1023dinars 110xxx yyyMohamed Ali and Amina have recently become parents of Hichem, 1.5 years old. They “earn” 1023 dinars per month, around 450 euros, but they spend 1299 euros. A dip into their wallets, to look at the independence of a young couple in Tunisia, in the company of Inkyfada.

Cigarettes and «hash» in Tunisia


Cigarettes and «hash» in Tunisia  In terms of smoking, statistics cannot be reliable. Most probably, this is why they are more and more numerous in Tunisia. And they all agree to sound the alarm.