The routes of commerce: Aleppo, Beirut, Tunis

  The routes of commerce: Aleppo, Beirut, Tunis Syria hosted, in September, a new event The Routes of Commerce that will continue in Tunis from the 18th to the 20th December 2003. It involves a discussion of Mediterranean commerce through an exploration of its cultural dimension.
It is surprising, in fact, that this type of discussion is fairly rare, commerce having always been an essential means to push back frontiers and discover the world, a carrier of changing tastes and cultural exchange.

Through a photographic exhibition (by Marc Carbonare), workshops, round tables and literary cafes, the event looks, through a cultural, social and human angle, at the main stakes, which today in the Mediterranean involve economies and trade, especially between its two banks.

The experience of three countries, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon, serves as a base for the event The Routes of Commerce, to try to answer questions about the character and evolutions of modern Mediterranean commerce and possible threats from current globalisation trends. Among the participants, artists and intellectuals will be Hoda Barakat, Robert Bistolfi, Gérard Oberlé, Hanan Kassab-Hassan, Laura Federici, Jaber Salwan,...


Antonia Naim


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