Deir Dar Musa: the Sham Spiritual Oasis project

Deir Dar Musa: the Sham Spiritual Oasis project Sham Spiritual Oasis is meant as a way-station for an environmental, cultural and religious Protected Area, a place where people with different heritages can meditate, pray, rest and interact. Potential Participants were asked to accommodate within the Oasis, in an area of about 14 hectares, a space for meditation and contemplation, an educational museum focusing on the environment and cultures, a multi-purpose hall (for eating, meeting, learning etc), crafts workshops and selling points, a hostel of 100 beds and a camp site, plus optional additional facilities of their choice.
They were asked to provide their artistic concepts of the Oasis on one A0 sheet (119*84 cm). Submissions include compositions in English and Arabic in which participants explain their concepts and elaborate on the topic of the Sham culture and tradition of hospitality.
Ideas presented in the competition will be used for inspiration to build the Visitor Center of Wadi Deir Mar Musa Protected Area. Another aim is to create an occasion of dialogue and exchange of ideas among those who become involved in the project through the exhibition in Gallery Mustafa Ali, Damascus (7-21 September 2008), the exhibition in Wadi Deir Mar Musa Protected Area�s Visitor Center (15-30 November 2008) and on the web.
The competition was mainly advertised through the Web. Interested students and professionals have registered from all over the globe. Organizers received 48 entries from 14 countries. On the jury were Mrs. Dima Akkad Tourekmani (Masters Tourism Development), Dr. Irene Labeyrie (Professor of Architect), Ms. Lenka Vasickova (Tanween Arabian Cultural Center), Mr. Mustafa Ali (Sculptor), Mr. Paolo Comoglio (COSV), Father Paolo Dall’Oglio (Superior of Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi), Dr. Rafee Hakky and Dr. Wael Samhouri (Professors or Architecture). The coordination and management of the project where done by Ms. Maya Alkateb.

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