Reloading Images Damascus / Work-in-progress


Reloading Images Damascus / Work-in-progressReloading Images Damascus / work-in-progress is an artistic research project: 10 Syrian and 10 international young artists discuss and research issues related to artistic agency, complexity of work-in-progress and collaboration and working in different cultural and social settings.

The project raises 4 questions, about art and social relevance, art as a knowledge system, the city as an artistic platform and cultural exoticism. After a 6-month intensive collaboration a webplatform ,

05/10, 8 pm at Goethe Institute:
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Artist Talk and Lecture: „Working the Pixel"

UBERMORGEN.COM is an artist duo from Vienna, Austria, working on conceptual art, drawing, software art, pixel-painting, computer installations and, interweaving fact and fiction.
On the 6th and 7th October will give a media art workshop. Please visit our website for further details

09/10, 8 pm at Gallery Mustafa Ali:
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Video Screening: Akram Zaatari "All is well on the border"

The video examines issues of representation of the Shrit (the formerly occupied zone in southern Lebanon). Three staged interviews with Lebanese prisoners in Israel illustrate aspects of life under occupation. Their testimonies reflect the difficulty of communicating their experiences outside oppositions of oppressor/victim and hero/traitor. In striving to illustrate the failure of representation, the film eventually focuses on the distance between the Shrit and the rest of the country, where thousands of displaced families live.
On the same day there will be a semi-public discussion with Akram Zaatari about his current project. If you are interested in joining this event please send an email with a short introduction of yourself to

10/10, 8 pm at Gallery Mustafa Ali:
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Talk with Orwa Nyrabia (DOXBOX)

"Trying to outline a narrative of Cinema in Syria, its means and its language, within the wider context of Syria's contemporary history, taking a glance at its milestones and identifying for what young filmmakers can do today to accomplish their projects."

12/10, 8 pm at Gallery Mustafa Ali:
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Talk with Marie Elias

Marie Elias will talk about her concept of "Theatricality" based on Syrian TV series like "Bab Al Hara". Marie Elias is a theatre researcher and professor for French literature.

17/10, 9.30 pm at Hamam Malik Al Zaher
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Lecture: WU MING 4 ( Federico Guglielmi) „From Camelot to Damascus"

„How the Myths ought to be put together if the Making is to go right" - Literary influences and persistence of myth in the construction of Lawrence of Arabia as an icon.
Wu Ming is a band of five Italian writers, formed in 2000. They write both collective and "solo" novels, as well as travelogues, essays about literature, myths, music and history.
On the 18th October Wu Ming 4 will give a workshop, based on his lecture.

19/10, 8 pm at Teatro:
Reloading Images: Damascus / Work in Progress 2008 presents:
Performance & Talk: WE INSIST

"We started to work on identity as a crisis, as a tension, and not as a stable concept. This project is about looking at how, through sound and body language, we can question and practice this identity, understood as an unstable nomadic state, crossed over by a multiplicity of tensions and traversed by layers of intensities." WE INSIST consists of Mia Habib (Oslo), Rani Nair(Stockholm) and Jassem Hindi(Paris)
>From the 18th to the 21st October WE INSIST will give a workshop.



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