2nd Edition of AllArtNow, Damascus


2nd Edition of AllArtNow, Damascus
2nd Edition of AllArtNow International New Media Art Festival 2010
Call for submissions
AllArtNow, founded in 2005 in Damascus, is a private initiative to support contemporary Syrian arts - especially installation and video art. One of the main aims is networking with other organizations (in Syria and abroad) to cooperate in the framework of different activities such as exhibitions, workshops and exchanges. In 2009, AllArtNow launched the 1st Edition of a Video Art Festival.

For this year's International New Media Art Festival, the organizers are calling for submissions of video artworks (DVD format), which can be sent to the following address:
The 2nd AllArtNow International New Media Art Festival 2010
AllArtNow office
Bab Musala St.
P.O. Box 14136

Deadline: 15 February 2010

For further information:




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