Festivals in Syria

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A Scottish «Damascus» tours the Middle-East


A Scottish «Damascus» tours the Middle-EastTheatrical play by Scottish author David Craig «Damascus» highlights the impact of pre-conceptions and stereotypes in indentifiying how people interact and relate to one another through Paul’s character who seeks to market his new book on teaching English in Damascus..

Syrian conflict death toll tops 150,000


sy confli 110According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ report, the toll includes 8,000 children.

Fuck Humanity!


fuck-110Fuck Humanity. [Signed] Aleppo, April 28, 2016. This is what someone wrote on a wall of Aleppo while the recent bombing campaign of al-Asad’s regime was going on without hesitations, with the backing of Russia, after having buried the ceasefire and started doing what they have always wished to do: annihilate people to win territory. Barrel bombs, one after the other, missiles on the city’s districts controlled by the revolutionary forces. Fuck Humanity. This is the only comment we deserve.