Mediterranean Music: tradition and Modernity

  Mediterranean Music: tradition and Modernity Mediterranean music tradition and Modernity wants to encourage the exchange and knowledge between the different Mediterranean cultures, especially in the music field, thus creating an ideal frame for the study of culture and society. They will base their work on traditional or folk music as well as on popular and urban music, always from an introductory point of view.

The project considers important to spread such musical diversity, in order to underline the cultural richness and variety of the Mediterranean, as well as its meeting points. Such contact points have appeared along the history and at present they have been reinforced due to the migratory processes, the globalisation and the development of the mass media.

The rich programme of the course includes workshops of Flamenco, Traditional Catalan, Mashrak and Maghreb music, but also practice of the ud, qanoun or Kemençe, as well as some reflections about the situation of World music in the Mediterranean.
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