Gibanica - Moving Cake Slovene Dance Festival


Gibanica - Moving Cake Slovene Dance Festival
photo Wonge Bergmann

Moving Cake 2005
The Moving Cake dance festival was first organised in February 2003 with the aim to present Slovene dance creativity to the international professional and critical public. In 2003, the selection was made by Ursula Cetinski and Irena Staudohar. The biennal festival is now approaching its second issue, which is to take place from Wednesday, 23 February, till Sunday, 27 February 2005. This year's programme was selected by Martina Hochmuth (Tanzquartier, Vienna), Mateja Rebolj (former member of the Slovene National Opera and Ballet and dancer in numerous contemporary dance and theatre productions) and Rok Vevar (free-lance theatre director, art critic and writer).

Gibanica - Moving Cake Slovene Dance Festival
photo Monika Rittershaus

Out of some sixty registered projects, thirteen projects were selected for the main festival programme. Besides, on the basis of video presentations of two productions, which are still in the process of creation and due to be premiered in February 2005, the festival proposed to the producers that they should be included in the programme. These are: Woferl in Person, a new project by the choreographer Iztok Kovac and his group En-Knap; and We're All Marlene Dietrich, a new project by the directors Emil Hrvatin and Erna Omarsdottir (co-produced by Maska, Ljubljana, and Iceland Dance Company, Reykjavik). Moreover, the festival will also present four recent Slovene dance productions that were awarded or otherwise commended by the Slovene public.

Gibanica - Moving Cake Slovene Dance Festival
photo Georg Anderhub

The selected productions generally include a reflection on the art practice and the medium in which they are created; some of them enhance their contextual territory in order to approach and work on the problem, while others remain entirely consistent and coherent within their persuasive and impeccable dance language. In the selection process the festival tried consciously to avoid any kind of productive, aesthetic, stylistic or thematic levelling, which would result in a "cross-section" of dance creativity of a certain period - in such a case the festival function would make no sense at all. To soften the firm selectors' note, however, it was decided to widen the festival programme with four productions, which have already been approved in one way or another by the Slovene dance public (awards, good criticism, public acclaim) - and which, they believe, represent its voice.

In the time of Moving Cake, local dance producers have a chance to organise presentations of their own dance productions not included in the festival, while the organisers of Moving Cake will take care of their publicity among the festival guests. Babelmed Editorial Team


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