Slovenia: Necessary Discourse on Hysteria

Based in the “Koroska Gallery of Fine Arts” in the valley town of Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia, is a discussion on contemporary art, ‘necessary discourse’ on the topic of hysteria in contemporary society. It is realised in the form of an exhibition, with performances, discussions, video screenings, music and comedy.

Slovenia: Necessary Discourse on Hysteria

The concept confronts the degrading dialog between artists, theoreticians and the public, opening up the museum as an alternative place for communication. The project also functions towards the development of the Gallery towards social aesthetics and is the first in a series of ‘necessary discourses’ throughout the world.

During the four-weeks of ‘necessary discourse on hysteria’, artists of two generations will visualise, intervene and interact with theoreticians on the issue of social hysteria. The first week, everyone experiences together the process of the installation of an exhibition, an act usually completed behind closed doors. In the remaining weeks, one can consider works in the context of the exhibition, the town, the world and in history. The scheduled and informal events are flash points for these understandings.

Slovenia: Necessary Discourse on Hysteria Terror, Genetic Engineering, Consumer Society/Isolation, Mass-Information, Power of Media, Profiling, Supershows, Identity, Privacy, Noise Consumption, Sweet-life and Ideology are topics which will be pursued and interpreted by FLATZ (A/D), Polona Tratnik (Slo), Mukul Deora (Indien), Viktor Bernik (Slo), Pinopoggi (I/D), Metka Zupanic (Slo), Vesna Bukovec (Slo), Tadej Pogacar (Slo), Tanja Vujinovic (Srb/Slo), Jasha (Slo), Joze Barsi (Slo), Timm Ulrichs & Ursula Neugebauer (D). Essayists who will be participating are Simon Bryceson (GB), Caroline Kihato (RSA), Dr. Peter N. Kirstein (USA), Spela Spanzel (SLO), Ursula Sladek (D) and Marko Kosan (SLO).

The area at the end of the exhibition is the ‘interaction hall’, host to the library, presentation area, theater and free space for the visitors to participate. There are worktables for visitors to leave their comments, thoughts and reactions on each topic, creating an additional public document.

Documentation includes the production of a DVD, which includes videos of the artworks and discourse-events, the essayists` texts, press-material and photos. Also available are a limited number of discourse-objects from each participating artists, in editions of 59. Production is limited to the orders we collect during the exhibition and on our website.

In addition, Julie Upmeyer (Turkey/USA) is present for the entire discourse as the ‘observer-in-residence’. Her outputs include writings, conversations, photos and collections, partially displayed on the internet.

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