Ramallah. Resistance Report

  Ramallah. Resistance Report

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Stillborn under occupation. Documenting Palestinian checkpoint births


SH 110Samar Hazboun is a Palestinian photographer who has published several projects documenting life under occupation. Her latest project, “Beyond checkpoints,” documents the often forgotten stories of Palestinian women who have given birth at Israeli checkpoints, or been delayed for hours before being able to cross and go to a hospital. (Ebticar/Mashallah News)

Yabous 10th Anniversary


Yabous 10th AnniversaryJerusalem, Palestine June 16th- 30th. As part of Yabous' 10th anniversary celebrations and under the slogan "Ten Years of Bonding, " the Arab Film Festival will be organized with emphasis on its main mission: achieving continuity of art and culture through any means possible and despite all obstacles and restrictions.

Damascus Gate


Damascus GateWe meet outside the magnificent Damascus Gate of East Jerusalem in Israeli-occupied Palestine. Noora Baker and El-Funoun were invited to Malta by Inizjamed in October 2004 and we became good friends right away. But now we meet in a different place, and different places have a way of burying or strengthening friendship. It’s a bit like reading a beautiful poem in another social, cultural and geographical context – it becomes a different poem, possibly more beautiful because the new context gives it a new richness. Noora is smiling of course. This, after all, is Jerusalem.