A Reception for the Jenin Freedom Theatre

A Reception for the Jenin Freedom TheatreThe Jerusalem Fund in Washington is organisation a reception to sustain the Theater with the presentations by Jenin Freedom Theatre Board Chair Dr. Mervat Aiash and Theatre Director Juliano Mer Khamis

The aim of this project is to empower and give voice to the children of Jenin Refugee Camp through a unique program of workshops and activities in theatre, supporting arts and multi-media, ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the presentation of high-quality artistic products.

Founded by Arna Mer Khamis, the Theatre was destroyed by the Israeli Occupation Forces in 2002. Juliano Mer Khamis, Arna's son, returned to document her work in the film Arna's Children (2004) and was moved to rebuild the theatre. Plans are currently underway for an accredited drama school to begin in the fall.

We take this charity occasion to republish the article by Adania Shibli: “The Little Girls Of Jenin” www.babelmed.net/432

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