Tribute to Jerusalem Exhibition, Gaza




Tribute to Jerusalem Exhibition, Gaza Windows from Gaza For Contemporary Art is cultural organisation based in Gaza. It was founded by a group of young artists working in different areas such as photography, plastic arts and video art. Their reflections are a mirror of their imprisoned suffocating situation. How can they express their reality? Windows from Gaza is their window for self-expression through art. It provides the means to portray images they see and live daily in their narrow space.
The main aim of Windows from Gaza is to support and train young and professional artists. The Studio, has been created in order to provide space for production and promotion of contemporary Palestinian art and to exchange ideas on a local, national and international level.
This year in the framework of Al-Quds Capital of Arab Culture, Windows from Gaza for Contemporary Art is organising an exhibition entitled Tribute to Jerusalem .
Venue: The Studio , Victor Hugo St. Remal, Gaza
Opening: Tuesday, 20th of October 2009 at 5 pm

For more information:
Tel: 00970 599 415 045
Sharif Sarhan, artist and founding member of Windows from Gaza:




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