Journey to Gaza

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Water, olive trees, houses. The territory in infographics by Visualizing Palestine


g water 110xxx yyyA brief and effective glance, which denounces the plight of a people evicted from their homes; a people that is thirsty although it rains like in England, and a land where there is no peace for the olive trees. (Vizualizing Palestine/Ebticar)

To walk Palestine


walkpa 110xxx yyyA personal account of a too personal experience: simply walking to enjoy yourself, breathe fresh air, sense the nature around you. An extravagant experience, if you live in Gaza, if you are Palestinian, according to Bassam Amohor. His journal (to be continued… (Mashallah News/Ebticar)

Beware the Ides of March


Beware the Ides of MarchPalestinian rapper, English student and a human rights activist in their twenties speak about Tuesday the 15th of March, the day they will be protesting in Gaza with other Palestinians in the West Bank, calling on Fatah and Hamas to end the crippling division.