Islam and the West : beyond representations


Islam and the West : beyond representations
Palazzo Senatorio (Campidoglio, Rome)

Titles of Conference often sound a bit vain, and the words do not reach to the objective of dialogue and true exchange. The meeting on Friday the 5th of May at the Capitole of Rome was not disappointing though. Strong themes, personal intervention, points of view and analysis that completed or competed each other confirmed the need of exchange from both sides of the Mediterranean.

Babelmed will publish soon the contributions of the journalists who came for the meeting.
In the meantime, we want to thank again the City of Rome and its Mayor Walter Veltroni: without their support, nothing would have been possible. We also want to express our gratitude to the European Foundations that not only supported us for this meeting but sustain actively Babelmed in its daily work: The Fondation René Seydoux of Paris, The European Cultural Foundation of Amsterdam and the Ebert Stiftung of Berlin.
Finally, we thank our European moderators: Marcelle Padovani of the Nouvel Observateur, Michael Braun of Tageszeitung, and Khaled Fouad Allam of La Repubblica that came to meet their Mediterranean colleagues and largely contributed to the success of the meeting.

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Islam-the West: beyond representations


Islam-the West: beyond representationsOn the 5th of May, in the Capitole of Rome, Babelmed organised a public event on the theme “Islam and the West: beyond stereotypes”. The feedbacks in the Italian press and the enthusiasm of the roman public both confirmed the need of exchange and debate between the countries of the Mediterranean. We thereafter publish partially the different interventions of our Journalists’ network during the meeting.

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