Feature: Love difference

Feature: Love difference Love Difference: such a sweet project!
Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, mentor of the artistic movement Love Difference has launched the new project “Love Difference Pastries”, to “make of pastry shops a meeting point in the Mediterranean”. This taste revolution draws its inspiration from 19th century cafes where revolutions fermented…
Feature: Love difference
Michelangelo Pistoletto
"The material we use is sweet, but the idea enclosed in the sweet is our will to meet and understand each other. Love is the real ingredient."
Feature: Love difference
Filippo Fabbrica
"In the next years, we will look for both new physical and mental places in the Mediterranean to present and develop our idea of the Love difference pastries"
Feature: Love difference
Lea Petrou, Maria Nymfiadi; Love [in] a different kefte
"We cooked our sweet together and that was a lot of fun. Our different kefte had to have something to do with the Mediterranean and with us more personnally. Greece was just a starting point.."
Feature: Love difference
Rafram Chaddad; Untitled
"In Israel, we are oriented culturally towards Western Europe. We have therefore a problem with local culture and local cuisine"...
Feature: Love difference
Oraib Toukan; Knafeh Ghair Nabulsieh
"I wanted to make a Knafeh which is not a Knafeh. I wanted something that questions Nationalism and food."
  Interviews in French :
Feature: Love difference
Maha Meladi, Saïd Ait El Moumen; Fruit of Love
"In Marrakech, when someone needs to make an important decision, forgive someone or plan a wedding, we offer orange-blossom milk. It is our way to express our love of the differences."
Feature: Love difference
Umami, by Hélène Abrand
"Umami is neither sweet, nor sour. It is neither acid nor salted; it is the fifth taste discovered by a japanese at the end of the 19th century. To me it tastes universality."

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